Monday, January 2, 2012

[CLEAN Challenge] I HAVE To Eat Out....Now What?

It's bound to have to attend a lunch or dinner out!  Though not ideal, you can still follow CLEAN while eating out.  If possible, schedule your meals out at lunch so that you are still eating your biggest meal in the middle of the day.  Here are some tips to get you through (most restaurants are open to making modifications to food, just ask!):

To start:
•Drink sparkling water or tea
•Have a salad - order it with no tomatoes and oil & vinegar dressing
•Have a piece of chicken or fish, ask that it be prepared with oil (no butter)
•Order several sides of vegetables prepared with oil, salt, and pepper
•Mexican food: Try some chicken fajitas with veggies and guacamole but NO tortilla, sour cream or cheese
•Asian food: This one is a little harder, most asian sauces have soy and gluten in them - Zen does have a gluten-free Miso sauce that you can put over a brown rice bowl with veggies or chicken on top
•Hot tea
•Fruit bowl (you may have to pick out the fruits you can eat)

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